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Specto tests for New ICDL modules are now available
Specto® tests for New ICDL modules are now available …
starting with Project Planning
Specto® has been working on the development of tests for number of the new ICDL modules. Tests for the Project Planning module are now available live and have already been used in some countries. This comes after Specto® obtained the approval on these tests from the ECDL Foundation for Project Planning 2010 and 2013. Tests for the Image Editing module are now under review and will soon be made available after their official approval. Tests for the Web Editing module are currently under development. It is planned to also develop tests for other modules before the end of 2015.
It is to be noted that there are number of new ICDL modules that are highly needed in the labor market. These modules enable Candidates with skills and competences to use in their daily tasks. These modules include Project Planning, Image Editing and Web Editing. Due to the importance of these modules, Specto® has been working on the development of tests to satisfy the demands of its customers.

Specto introduces new test streams for Microsoft Office modules
Specto® introduces new test streams for Microsoft Office modules … Two new streams are now available live and two more will be introduced shortly
Specto® has recently introduced two new streams for each of the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Database), both in Arabic and English. Moreover, two new streams are currently under development, and will be introduced to the market shortly, after passing through the rigorous quality reviews both by Specto® staff as well as the staff of the ECDL Foundation. This comes as part of the continuous efforts of Specto® Limited to maintain the high standard of the ICDL program and the value of this prestigious Certificate.
Specto At Glance
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CiA Training
CiA Training are a leading light in publishing training resources for ICT qualifications, as well as bespoke products and courses, with over 400 titles in their product portfolio. CiA Training began life in 1985, in response to the demand for high quality training solutions and have been offering flexible and user friendly resources to partners and clients all over the world, within both further and higher education, schools, local government, health care, corporate and training organizations, as well as supporting individual learners.

Their blended learning solutions take a step by step approach, which closely guide the user around the various features of a wide range of software applications. All materials can be used to support personal or professional development. They have supported thousands of learners in gaining new skills and qualifications, to enhance their personal development and employability.

Their products are an invaluable asset to tutors and training managers to support their training and program delivery. They are an accredited ISO 9001:2000 quality company and pride themselves on providing a friendly and professional service.

ECDL/ICDL Core Syllabus 5.0 (in English)

CiA has been committed to providing quality and user-friendly ECDL resources for a number of years. The products have been written specifically to the syllabus and are designed to steer the learner around the required software features needed to pass the assessments.

ECDL/ICDL Syllabus 5.0 product includes the following titles:

1. Module 1: Concepts of ICT.
2. Module 2: Using the Computer and Managing Files - Using Windows 7.
3. Module 3: Word Processing – Using Word 2007.
4. Module 4: Spreadsheets – Using Excel 2007.
5. Module 5: Using Database – Using Access 2007.
6. Module 6: Presentation – Using PowerPoint 2007.
7. Module 7: Web Browsing Using and Communication.

ECDL/ICDL Advanced Syllabus 2.0 (in English)

CiA was the first company to offer all four modules, which are accredited by the ECDL Foundation. These resources guide the learner around the topics required for the assessments and follow the same style and structure as their successful ECDL titles. ECDL/ICDL Advanced Syllabus 2.0 product includes the following titles:

1. Module AM3: Word.
2. Module AM4: Spreadsheets.
3. Module AM5: Database.
4. Module AM6: Presentation.

More information about CiA Training products and services can be found at http://www.ciatraining.co.uk
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